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Porsche 911 Turbo S - 2015

This Turbo S is the top end performance model of the prestigious 911 line from Porsche, and it lives up to its reputation with vrooms to spare! The infamous turbo charged, flat six engine is perfectly balanced, makes a wonderful noise, and is tremendously powerful. Porsche’s PDK transmission is the gold standard in the world of sports cars, the gear shifts are lightning fast and incredibly crisp. This car rockets forward is a straight line but is also one of the best cornering cars available on the market. The unique rear engine position of the 911 allows for extremely precise turning at any speed (speedometer goes up to 200mph). The cleanly configurable drive modes make it an impressive daily driver as well, the seats are very comfortable for a performance car, in comfort mode it’s a car you could easily sit in traffic in. The Turbo S is significantly more than the average enthusiast needs, but if you are feeling slow in your current 911 it’s a way to get super car speed with familiar handling and comfort.

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