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BMW M2 CS - 2020

The words that kept coming to me as I tested the M2 CS on some twisty roads were: rowdy, rowdy, and rowdy. This car doesn’t want things to be smooth, it wants to jump to high revs and stay there, you get a infectious sense of urgency as you drive it. The M2 is impossibly planted and capable around corners, and the suspension is not terribly uncomfortable on the road which is nice for daily driving. It’s also nice to see simple options for performance settings as well - this car only had comfort, sport, and race mode for suspension, steering, and exhaust. The interior is pretty bare BMW - so you get idrive and sporty seats but not much else. I would say the M2 is the most enthusiast focused car being made by BMW, and with the Club Sport being the most track focused version, a lot should be expected, and this car delivers.

Performance Metrics:

  • 444hp

  • 0-60: 3.4s (source: Car and Driver)

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