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Jaguar F-Type R - 2016

The Jaguar F-Type R is the top-of-the-end model of Jaguar’s prestigious sports car line. The main thing you notice when driving this car is the engine. It’s not the fastest engine in the world, it doesn’t have the most torque (although it is very fast and has plenty of torque) but the sound and the feel of the engine are completely unique to this car. The supercharged British masterpiece makes a trumpet-like symphony of power when you step on the gas. It’s incredibly difficult to not smile ear to ear as you hear this sound and feel the engine rocket the car forward. The rest of the performance solidly meets expectations for the price range and class of this car. The handling is great, especially in dynamic mode, this car handles curvy roads with ease. As a luxury and performance brand, Jaguar puts a lot of emphasis into their interiors and it shows. The materials are elegant and modern and the infotainment is fully featured although a bit dated. The seats are great although a bit hard, more suited for the track than daily driving. They do support multi-way adjustment and good lumbar support. All in all this is a great car to drive, and has a soundtrack better than any other car available for the same money.

Performance Metrics:

  • 550hp

  • 0-60: 3.4s (source: Car and Driver)

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