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Chevy Corvette - 2022

Corvettes have a history of being loud, fast, and bad at turning. With the latest design, known as the C8, the company has put big efforts into changing the "bad at turning" part, going so far as to move the entire engine from the front to the back of the car. That's right, the new Corvette is mid-engined, and the result is much better weight distribution and cornering. It's also a beautiful car - the engineers at GM based this design off of the Ferrari 458, and when you do that well, it shows. All these things combine to make the C8 a game-changer for the Corvette brand in my opinion. I have never been a fan of these cars, I much prefer the German and Italian selections, but with the C8, I am a fan. This car is extremely fun to drive, the engine noise is awesome and ever-present with that engine right behind the driver. It feels very planted around corners and accelerates like a supercar on the straights. It's absolutely insane that you can buy a car with this performance for $65k, major props to Chevy for making this happen.

Performance Metrics:

  • 495hp

  • 0-60: 2.8 seconds (Car and Driver)

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